Imagine being on a speed date (remember those)…. you might want to wear a badge, so that folk remember your name…

Like that, your business will need an internet domain name (or perhaps several) that will direct users to the site. You can register a new domain name, or opt to buy a domain name that has been registered (and perhaps used) by someone else.

Here are some top tips we found for choosing a domain name…

Make sure your domain name is legally compliant before you start to build your digital presence and brand.

Before adopting a new domain or brand name, it is nearly always advisable to conduct some trade mark searching. It is sensible to include this searching process as part of the due diligence exercise that goes with creating a new name or logo. 

Chances are if you’re choosing and buying a domain name, you have a business idea that you want to build.

Imagine this scenario. You put months of time into building a succesful online business only to find yourself the centre of legal action and disruption to your business – all because you didn’t perform clearance checks before buying your domain name and building your online brand and presence.

Clearance checks before using a domain name for business purposes are essential because you could unknowingly commit trade mark infringement if the necessary checks are not undertaken – and ignorance is not an excuse unfortunately.

Now, let’s get back to that date…. if you want to talk about how we can help you select the right domain name the right way – we’re here, just drop us a line.