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About Helena

Digital Business Lawyers is led by Helena Wootton who been providing legal assistance to businesses for over 20 years – she is an expert on Data Privacy, Procurement, and Commercial Contracts. Helena has worked for major international law firms as well as working in-house for some of the fastest growing global brands.

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If you’re profiling customers do you always require consent?

If you’re profiling customers do you always require consent?

Clients who carry out profiling on the database of customer data, are asking the question – do we need to get consent for profiling? Read on, to find out… The first question to ask: What is “profiling” under GDPR? Here is the GDPR definition of profiling: “any form of...

What’s in a [Domain] name?

What’s in a [Domain] name?

Imagine being on a speed date (remember those).... you might want to wear a badge, so that folk remember your name... Like that, your business will need an internet domain name (or perhaps several) that will direct users to the site. You can register a new domain...

Protect your online self

Protect your online self

I've been thinking recently about looking after myself, and my assets... and how to make my online business work. Understanding what the value is in your business will stand you in great stead. One valuable part of your business is the intellectual property rights in...

Videos and podcasts

Dymystifying GDPR Podcast – Episode 3

Dymystifying GDPR Podcast – Episode 3

True or false? We have the right to keep old employee data and deny a request to be forgotten. We take a closer look at the processing of personal data within organisations with both employees and the customer in mind – including retention policies, the right to be...

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Our Services

If you’re operating a digital business you need practical straightforward legal advice you can trust. We make it simple to comply with the law and grow your business.

GDPR / Data Protection

We help you get the most out of your data and ensure you remain compliant with all current regulations around data protection.

External Data Protection Officer

You can instruct us to be your virtual or external Data Protection Officer for an annual fee – we take care of your data protection requirements, you focus on your business.

Essential website policies

We can help with website terms and conditions – including privacy and cookie policies.

Commercial contracts

We make sure you’re protected when working with third parties such as web developers, hosting companies, software developers, suppliers and much more.

IT & outsourcing

We provide expert legal advice on software & app development, web development, procurement, licensing, cloud computing and much more.


We can help with terms and conditions of sale, ensuring you’re protected and providing great customer service.

Brand & IP protection

We can perform clearance checks before you establish your brand and online presence or if you are thinking of launching new products or entering new territories.

Collaborative agreements

We can help with non disclosure, joint venture, partnership, service, sub contractor, consultancy and shareholder agreements.

Training your & your team

We can train you and your team on areas such as GDPR – to ensure your business is protected as you grow. We offer remote and face to face training.

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When you work with multiple delivery partners on digital projects it's vital to ensure the legal aspects are covered - to protect you and your customers. Helena provides quick, straightforward advise and supports us a fast growth company. She has a vast knowledge and importantly talks to us in plain english! I wouldn't use anyone else.


Rich Morley

Director, Tonic


Helena is an exceptional lawyer and business advisor. She knows exactly how to help our business as we grow and keeps things simple. For some areas she provides us with easy to follow templates and, when we need more bespoke advice, she is on hand to guide us every step of the way! Working with Helena leaves our business protected and leaves us with more time to focus on growth.

Joe Barrett

Founder, Team Rock

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